Fat Belly, FaceStuffing,Pantyhose,Inflation,Big Butt!

Its me again with loads more from my clip store yep I never stop having updates for that lol
All the normal stuff below the clip synopsis and accompanying picture comp so head over to my store HERE to see them allllllllllllllllllll!

Belly Wiggle Dance!
After shooting a few vids I was just relaxing still with my belly hanging out listening to music channels and typically starting jiggling my belly to the music so I thought it would be fund to flick the cam back on and do a little bit of belly playing wiggling and jiggling it to the music! So that’s exactly what I did! played around with my belly to a couple of songs picking it up shaking it jiggling it, making me laugh at how much it ripples and jiggles with all the movements! Come and enjoy a belly wiggle and dance with me! A BBW Belly Fetish Video Clip

Fatty Cakes!
******************NEW RESOLUTION SIZE 1280X720*************** ****************NEW RESOLUTION SIZE 1280X720*************** ***With Audio*** Fatty cake fatty cake mmm mmm mmm!! Lots and lots of cakes on the menu or should I say table tonight! I love cream filled, topped surrounded cakes hehe A plate filled with delicious cakes I pop into my mouth one after another savouring that flaky pastry cream and icing or powdered sugar cream filled doughnughts my mouth watering for the next big mouthful! Cream oozing out between my lips the sides of the cakes onto my fingertips, don’t worry I will just lick them clean! Plateful done its time to move on to the “family” sized strawberry and cream cake always makes me laugh as I call it a personal size don’t know what kind of family they expect to feed with that! Great big spoonfuls full my mouth mmmmm mmmmmmm but all that cream is just not enough so I have to have a couple of mouthfuls of spray cream too! See how big and full my great big fat belly is after its filled with cream cream and more cream cakes lol A BBW Face Stuffing/Over Eating Video.

Butt Busting Jeans!
Another requested clip for may this time its all about the big fat ass! Or arse, as I am english lol This request was to see my big butt bust out of either shorts or jeans. Shorts are a little crappy for this so I cut a pair of jeans just under my arse cheeks as a good compromise! Throughout the clip I bend, wiggle hip sway so you can just sit back and check out my arse, then the splitting begins! These jeans were so tight I did end up with a very tight jeans wedgey lol After the jeans are all torn up I am left with 1 bright green thong and one big white full moon! A BBW Big Butt Video Clip!

***With Audio*** This is another custom clip so this particular clip is very specific in regard to what the customer wanted. But a good inflation clip non the less for anyone who is interested in this! I am balloon girl or inflate-a-girl and I talk you through an inflation fantasy where my body inflates sooooooo much I POP! So if you fancy joining us in this inflation journey then this is a clip for you! A BBW Inflation/Expanding clip

Hair N’ Hose!
My final request clip for May is hair n hose, a pantyhose clip! So a long term pantyhose fan asked me to do a clip teasing my legs and feet with a pair of sheer pantyhose before wiggling my toes in and working the hose up over y feet, up my legs letting the tight pantyhose cling to the curves of my legs till they are on then show the sheerness of them and how they stretch. Once I am done putting the hose on I slip my hand down my pantyhose pull aside my panties and show my hairy pussy through the sheer hose. Giving you a good view of my dark brown bush against the pale cream of the sheer pantyhose! And a few other things but that’s between me and the clip! lol A BBW Pantyhose and hairy pussy play video clip!


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